Welcome to Foodshed Farm

March 7th, 2011 | Posted by denae in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

Welcome to Foodshed Farm!  We are a Certified Organic farm in Bath, Michigan, providing organically grown transplants and consulting services to local producers, as well as specialty organic produce to local restaurants and consumers. We are focused on strengthening the local food system and specialize in transplant production, specialty produce and consulting.

Foodshed is a term used to describe the socio-geographic space of where and how food flows. This includes the land on which the food is grown, the route it travels, the markets/distributors through which it passes and the tables it ends up on. It is analogous to the concept of a watershed. We consider ourselves hyper-local. All of the food we grow is sold within a 25-mile radius of our farm. We intend to keep our foodshed within a 100-mile radius of the farm, making and maintaining a personal connection with the eaters of our produce. 

We are now offering CSA shares! For more information about becoming a member, visit our CSA page.